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Rebelmouse24-7 Press Release Newswire, is excited to announce that their multi-media press release news now is available through their REBELMOUSE page at: https://www.rebelmouse.com/247pressrelease.

Founded in early 2004, 24-7 Press Release Newswire is a privately held news distribution company that provides marketing and communications solutions and multimedia gateways for marketers, public relations professionals, bloggers and corporate communication specialists around the globe.

Engaging audiences, the news is disseminated through a multi-channel process to major news outlets, journalists, online social media and bloggers through its network of partners including Associated Press and PR Newswire.

As its 10th anniversary approaches, the company celebrates its position as one of the leading press release distribution services offering high-quality distribution at a moderate price point, making it accessible to all sizes of business.

24-7 Press Release Newswire services thousands of customers around the globe, including North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to national and international organizations such as Michael’s craft stores, Gatwick Airport, NASA, Stella McCartney fashions and Expedia.

Since 2004, 24-7PressRelease.com has distributed over 300,000 press releases, become a top US 10,000 ranked website with mentions in over 105 books on Amazon.com including the “2012 Writers Market”.

The company pays particular attention to the ever-changing search engine optimization industry, dissemination technologies and offers a variety of news distribution packages.

Press Release Service & Distribution Insight – Google And What You Need To Know!

Is use of a press release still good for marketing?It’s Official, Using a Press Release For Marketing Will Not Land You In Hot Water With Google.

The last 18 months in the wake of Google Penguin and Panda updates have left many people scratching their heads.  It is no surprise that the updates from Panda and Penguin affected many websites, hopefully for the better.

Up until the last week or so, one of the big questions that left many marketers wondering was if a press release would still harm their website rankings due to duplicate content and links.

The answer has finally been put forward by Matt Cutts & John Mueller, from Google, for both duplicate content and the use of a press release service.

In a news piece from Search Engine Land (http://searchengineland.com/googles-matt-cutts-duplicate-content-wont-hurt-you-unless-it-is-spammy-167459), titled “Google’s Matt Cutts: Duplicate Content Won’t Hurt You, Unless It Is Spammy”, Matt advised he wouldn’t stress about duplicate content, providing it is of a high quality. The article also includes a video.

In two other separate pieces over at Search Engine Land (http://searchengineland.com/google-adds-large-scale-guest-posting-advertorials-optimized-anchor-text-to-list-of-link-schemes-168082 ), and (http://searchengineland.com/google-links-in-a-press-release-should-be-nofollowed-like-advertisements-168339 ), titled “Google Warns Against Large-Scale Guest Posting, Advertorials & “Optimized Anchor Text” In Press Releases” and “Google: Links In Press Releases Should Use No-follow Like Paid Links”, there is a quote from John Mueller (one of Google’s lead Webmaster Trends Analysts), stating that, even though all links within a press release should be no-follow, “there is still great value to using press releases”.

As we have always said, and what Mueller says, “The goal of the press release is to get the word out to the press about your new service or product. When the press hears about what you have to offer and if/when they decide to write about it on their own sites, those links do not need to be no-follow. In fact, those stories written editorially are the links that Google values the most.”

It is nice to see the air finally cleared for many marketing companies about using a credible press release service. Do remember that if you are writing a press release, keep it interesting, to the point, and make sure it does not come across or sound like an advertisement.  Following all of these points will ensure a successful campaign.

At 24-7 Press Release Newswire (http://www.24-7pressrelease.com), we hold search engine compliance in high regard.  Effective immediately, we will include only no-follow links to comply with the new guidelines.

By Michael Iwasaki

Founded in 2004, Michael Iwasaki is a founding and managing partner of the 24-7PressRelease.com news media distribution team with a plethora of knowledge in the News, SEO and Marketing industry.  24-7PressRelease.com is a recognized leader for affordable effective media distribution and viewed as a valuable marketing resource by over 125 books on Amazon.com.

New Press Release Features – Still Coming….

With regards to our July 17th post about new features, we have set this time back (I believe this coming weekend), as we are actually adding further features along with the ones mentioned.  Thank you for your patience.

The additional press release features include dateline information as a separate field.  The dateline information will be available through a combination of drop down menu and free form type box.  This means that if your city/state/province etc., is not available in the drop down (most are), you will still be able to have it entered.

The reason for this change is because 24-7PressRelease.com is going more international.  We will better be able to target your stories in different countries and journalists, through our new Media Desk portal (coming soon), will better be able to search your stories.  More on this to come as well!

We are hoping to impliment this weekend!

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