What Will 2014 Bring As Far As Marketing Trends?

Social MediaWe had read an interesting article about the marketing trends anticipated for 2014 put out by Forbes, which was definitely an interesting read (and informative).  To sum it up, the article did touch on a few of the following points, plus some of our own insights into where marketing is going for 2014.

There is no doubt that the landscape for marketing has changed significantly over ever the last 18 months (and will continue to do so).  The main area has been focused on how external visitors are driven to sites as opposed to what type of external links one may have on their site.   Another point of interest is based around content and whether it is original or re-published content.

Here is the list:

Press Release Services

Despite all of the information that had been circulating about press releases (and many people “scrambling to have links removed from press release sites”, they have forgotten a few valuable insights. First off, many press release sites took to Google with heart and changed their strategy to NO FOLLOW links. This basically means that if your press release is on a site that has NO FOLLOW links, it should be, for the most part, fine.

Google’s John Mueller, in an article from July 30, 2013, even went so far as to advise that “that there is still great value to using press releases. The goal of the press release is to get the word out to the press about your new service or product. When the press hears about what you have to offer and if/when they decide to write about it on their own sites, those links do not need to be nofollowed. In fact, those stories written editorially are the links that Google values the most.” – Search Engine Land (http://tinyurl.com/k92dyvs).

Press release service sites like http://www.24-7pressrelease.com that follow Google practices are still of value and should not be neglected.


Content Marketing

The companies that have been achieving success and authority are the ones that have been creating original content. The content is deemed as being valuable and also creates a trust with their clients.  This may come in a variety of formats including videos (YouTube Channels come to mind), Social Media and articles on business sites.


Social Media

The buzz around Social Media is still big and will continue to grow with the boost in popularity amongst the likes of Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.  Facebook has made an incredible run and has a strong presence for social media.



Images are always big.  They are visual, people get the message right away and they are the wave of the future.  Have you not seen an increase in “sharing images” over the past 12 months? This area will continue to expand.  Two places come to mind. Pinterest & Buzzfeed.



The move toward simplicity cannot be underestimated.  Taking a look at a few key sites and companies including Mashable, Google and Apple, the simplistic approach is what pays off.  The web is so cluttered, people want information quickly, visually and information that is to the point.

Social Signals

Social signals are becoming more important than ever.  Let’s face it, when you are in a business meeting and someone asks, “does anyone know a reputable printing company”, and a few key individuals that you know do their due diligent provide you with a few recommendations, is that information not golden?  So why would that be any different on the web in a text format or through a social media format?

Although inbound links, depending on where they come from do not hold the same value as they once did, some key sites are still of value and hold some weight.  Sticking with companies that are established, have quality content and ranked well is a good starting point.


Mobility Will Continue To Be King

People more and more are moving toward tablets, (the iPad mini comes to mind immediately), phones with larger screens (primarily for a better surfing experience) and mobile devices in general.  They are looking up information in washrooms (not that you needed to know that, but come on, it is a reality!), at bus stops and as much as I hate to see it, while walking down the street.

To not have your information available on a cross platform is not helping your business.  Your competitor that does have everything tailored for mobile? Guess what, they are taking your business.  This is not a trend. It is a reality.

As people lick their wounds and recover from 2013 search engine updates, 2014 will prove to be an interesting year for marketers with more social signal integration, mobile compatibility and simplifying the way messages are delivered to viewers and readers across the web.  This includes simplifying messages within a press release.  How about a press release limited to 140 characters? Maybe not…

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