Marketing Myths You Need to Know About, Twitter Reversing Blocking Changes and Tracking Your Press Release…

Marketing and your brand

Marketing and your brand

Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media are at an all time peak as far as how quickly the industries are changing.  With new strategies and the way information changes, you need to keep on top of these changes, or be left at the back of the pack still trying to figure out how to configure your MySpace page while asking your secretary to fax your latest press release out to all the media outlets.

As a leader in the press release distribution industry, and knowing that a press release is a major part of your marketing and public relations component, we like to try to keep you updated with the latest of what is going on in the industry.  Our journalists scour the web to find the most recent information and post it to our Google+ page for you to find and sift through easily.

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What other information is there?

– Instagram DIRECT MESSAGING, what is in it for brands?

– Is their another currency player in the market?

– Some excellent marketing tips from PROMPTPROOFING…

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Marketing and your brand

Marketing and your brand

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Quote: “Using a press release service is one of the most cost effective ways to increase your online visibility and expand the reach of your brand”.

Social Media News Interaction & Distribution – Really Get Attention

Social Media News Marketing

Social Media News Marketing

It has not been long since implemented our updated Social Media interaction bars and already, we have seen some excellent successes.

We have noticed a definite increase in the interaction of press releases from users and have also had excellent feedback on the functionality of including your Facebook & Twitter feeds within your news media release page for extended viewership.  Thank you for all the positive comments!

More features and updates are soon to be implemented!  If you have not already followed us on Google Plus, make sure you do to keep updated with all our changes.

The new face of social media news interaction and distribution

We’ve Made Changes To Our Site! – Update 1

247 Press Release has made the first of many changes to come.

So what is new?  Here are just a few highlights of the first round of changes:

1. Image bank – The image bank has been set up for users to be able to now store your press release images online.  This means that for marketing companies that regularly upload the same images, you will no longer have to do this as you can now save up to 100 images in your image bank.

2. NoFollow –  Following best practices of SEO, we have now added the option for users to add NOFOLLOW to all their links within their press release.  Some people have requested links or their entire press release to be removed, you can now self manage your links through no follow.  To find out more about this, log into your Account Manager, and click go to “”, then click on READ MORE under “Best Linking Practices”.

3. Social Media Extensions Within Press Release Pages – A huge presence of social media icons for sharing has been introduced to further extend your story socially.

4. Addition of Twitter & Facebook feeds to your stories.  If you have a Twitter and Facebook account, you can now add your feeds through ACCOUNT MANAGER and have the feeds appear right within your press release.

5. New Social Media Presence – Icons within header, footer and front page side bar for easy convenience to follow us for opportunities like coupon codes, specials, site updates and more.

6. New Image Carousel – Images within the press release story page are now in an attractive carousel format, with mouse over image display (simply move your mouse over the image for it to appear in a larger format, if available)

7. YouTube Video – Option to now add your YouTube video link within your press release as well.

There have been further updates, but these are the main highlights of this first of many more to come upgrades!

If you have not done so, please feel free to log into your account to add your social media information!

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6 Tips For Effective Marketing Using a Press Release – Are You Following These Practices?

Press Release Marketing TipsMarketing becomes tougher and tougher every day. With the introduction a number of years back, and growth of Social Media, it continues to become more and more difficult to announce a new product or service.  One tool that has remained consistent for getting your news out, aside from costly ad-words, is the press release.  Why? Because it is “disseminated” and sent to so many locations that people will eventually stumble across it.  Bloggers may blog about it, journalists may do follows ups as they are always looking for interesting news.

Below are some recent tips for a successful press release.

Headline & Sub Head That are Catchy

Your headline and sub headline are the most important elements of your press release.  When you write them, make sure that you have a catch.  Try to tailor your headline to really grab your audience. This is your one chance to really grab journalists and bloggers. Otherwise, they will just move on to the next interesting headline.

Multi Media

The use of multi-media within a press release, in this day and age, is the key to attracting attention.  To not include the use of at least one image (product, service images, or logo) is asking for your press release not to be looked at.  Let’s face it, people like pictures!  People like them so much, that through the new Google Authorship program (search results displayed with images of the author), search results with an image (no matter what their position, 1-10 in the search results), received 80% more clicks than search results without images.

Google Authorship press release now supports Google Authorship.  If you have it, we recommend using it. This allows you to add your Google Authorship account, and when your press release is returned in search results, your image (from your G+ account), will also be displayed in the results, making your search result (or press release) more attractive to click on (because it has your picture).  Read more about the program here:


Make sure that you include one or two instances of keywords within your press release, along with your website link in plain sight, such as  With the search engine technology and engines today, having your keywords within the same paragraph as your website link is good enough, they no longer need to have links (also known as “money links” from them.


Timing can be key for the success of a good press release campaign.  If you have a product or service that is relevant to an event that is happening locally, or around the world and you send your press release out and also mention whatever event is taking place, chances are your press release will receive more pickup from journalists and bloggers than if not.  News and events snowball.  Timing also includes the frequency of a press release.  The rule of thumb is try to send something out a couple/few times a month, but only if you have something interesting to share that your audience will want to read.

Adding a Quote to the Body

Add a quote to the body of your press release, otherwise known as attribution.  This adds an element of credibility and gives some personality to your press release.

Contact Information

Do not forget to include your contact information right in the body of your press release.  Although your contact information may be present on the site that the press release originated does not mean that info will be transferred. Including it at the bottom guarantees the transfer of info.




A Little About Great PR and Your Brand – Is Any PR Really Good PR?

PR For Your BusinessI had once heard a saying, that any PR is good PR, because you are in the spotlight. Positive or negative, it was PR, which meant it was great.  Is this really the truth?  If you were to ask someone in the general public, they might tend to agree with you, however if you asked someone directly in marketing, they may tend to disagree and advise there are two types of PR; positive and negative.

I guess this depends on the product, how long you have been in business and what your objectives currently are.  If you are promoting a new product or service, and the general public do not know who you are, any attention you attract might be alright.

To read more about this, and how some absolutely over the top ads (now banned from airing) worked for people like Go Daddy, check out this article on Brand Reputation and Why All PR Actually is Good.

Mobile Technology Advantages for Small Business

Mobile technology marketing

Mobile technology marketing

According to an article at, over 65% of small-business owners are using mobile devices to their advantage.  This is a combination of phones or tablets that were taken into account.  Over 70% say they use they use mobile devices for both social media marketing and email marketing.

The major platforms of interest for social marketing include:

Check out the rest of this interesting marketing article at:

Are You Resting on your Laurels While Your Customers Silently Leave?

Customer LeavingI do my best to try to keep up with articles about marketing as I am a firm believer that in this day and age you need to really keep on top of technology.  Sometimes, sifting through some of the garbage can be daunting and a task.  Throughout my sifting through all the garbage, I try to pull out a couple of gems here and there for our audience so they can learn.

This particular article is short, and to the point.  It isn’t about selling, it isn’t about marketing strategies, but most important, about YOUR PRODUCT.

Are you innovative? Do you keep on top of technology and keep up with the times?  Are you losing customers and sit back and think to yourself, what part of your marketing strategy is not working properly? Stop yourself right there. It may have nothing to do with your marketing strategy. It might be your product!

Just because someone has been with your business since day 1 or for the last ten to fifteen years does not guarantee they are going to stay with you forever.  Remember, they are a customer too and customers want quality AND value from any given product.  If you do not deliver, why should they stick around?

Have a read:

Is Facebook Going to Lose Ground by Sending Their Site Into MySpace with Video Ads?

Video ads

Video ads

I came across an interesting article about Facebook coming out with video ads and how they may run the risk of “MySpacing” the world’s most popular social network.

Personally, I am not a fan of video ads, especially the ones that make you wait 3 – 30 seconds before you can continue to an article.  I can honestly say that I do not even remember any of those ads, so are they a waste of money?  Does the irritation factor also cause dislike toward the company that purchased the ad creating a negative campaign?  The full article may be found here:  What do you think?

Ascertaining a Capable Social Media Manager for Your Business

Hiring a Social Media Manager

Hiring a Social Media Manager

Let’s face it.  Everyone, except for those in a coma or that have passed on has heard of social media.  If you haven’t you may really want to start to take note.

Social Media is no longer a fad. It is here, and here to stay.  For most businesses, it really needs to become a part of their marketing toolkit, much like that of using a press release service, ad words and perhaps even an affiliate program.

Companies that have decided to turn a blind eye to this tool are harming themselves by not only losing potential new business, but existing business as well.

Business require a key individual that know and understand the main social media outlets (Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) to name a few.  The person they need to hire needs to both understand the technology and the business and most importantly how to effectively apply this technology to your business to make it really blossom.

I found this article at Marketing Apocalypse that delves into further details on what to look for.

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