Giving Away Freebies Could Be Detrimental To Your Start-Up, Google and Apple Acquisitions and Malware in Target Point of Sales Machines

Google and AppleWith any type of business, particularly start up businesses running so tight on cash these days, a closer insight is looked at with regards to giving away “freebies” at conferences.  The way to succeed at a conference, when giving something away, is to give something away that is related to your business, that does not cost a lot that could potentially be not only engaging, but through social media engagement as well.  To potentially spend thousands of dollars on “freebies” that people are only going to throw away when they get home from the conference could leave a company teetering if not financially secure. Read about this and more on our Google Plus page here.

Were you aware of Google’s latest acquisition?  Check it out here… Google just acquired Nest on Monday for an astonishing $3.2 billion.  The most expensive acquisition by Apple in the last while was Anobit for $390 million and Authen Tec for $356 million.  That being said, according to Mashable, it would appear Apple has nearly three times the cash reserves that Google has, at $147 billion!

This one may be older news, but you were aware of the issues of recent that haunted Target with a data breach.  According to an article on Mashable, the CEO of Target, Gregg Steinhafel cited “malware installed at our [point-of-sale] registers” while advising “significant changes” would be to come.

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Apple iWork for iCloud – Currently in Beta

Apple iWork for iCloud

Apple iWork for iCloud

If you have not already heard, Apple’s iWork for iCloud is currently testing in Beta.

What is iWork for iCloud? A platform for web-based apps including Pages, Numbers and Keynote.  These apps will be usable by anyone across any platform and is meant to compete with Office 365 from Microsoft and Google Docs.

This means that documents (through iWork for iCloud) will be instantly synced to all Apple devices including iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.

Check out the full story, including screen shots through Venturebeat here.

Here is An Excellent Way to Gain Attention of the Public and Publicity.

Apple to give someone $10,000 in App Store cash

Apple to give someone $10,000 in App Store cash

Money is one of those items that everyone pays attention to.  This holds especially true when it is “given away” or “won”.

One company that has certainly gained a lot of attention through their latest give away of App Store cash, is, yes, you guessed it, Apple.

In a news article dated Wednesday May 15th, they have received the attention of CNN with their title of “Apple to give someone $10,000 in App Store cash”.  The article continues on to mention that the winner will more than likely be Wednesday (today).  They also mention that the following 50 people will receive a $500 gift card.

If you are interested in how soon it might happen, Apple now has a live countdown ticker on their website! For more information about this, check out:

It is pretty obvious the marketing behind this, but always interesting to see in action.  Create a giveaway, perform some press release distribution to some key points and all of a sudden, you are in front of millions of eyes.  I like it.  Do you?

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