Factors to Track to Measure Your Social Media Campaign’s Effectiveness, Part 2

Earlier this week we discussed the importance of paying close attention to the performance of your social media campaign. If you don’t track the results, you won’t know which factors to maintain and which to put more or less effort into.

Klout was the tool we recommended last time to track your brand’s influence via social media. Today we encourage again getting more analytical, but this time by focusing on your website.

Signing up for Google Analytics is a simple, free way to connect your website with a comprehensive analytics tool that will reveal all you need to know about your website’s performance and the behavioural patterns of your website traffic.

Now, because we are focusing on social media, the following tips will hone in on using Google Analytics to track traffic from social media, rather than website traffic as a whole, but do ensure you are using the tools to track your general website traffic as well – that is always helpful.

Google Analytics now has a tool called Google Analytics Social Report, which tracks visits to your site from your social media channels (it can link to more than 400 various channels).

This tool can reveal:

  • visits via social referrals
  • conversions
  • social visitors flow – this helps you get an idea of which social media channels are producing the most traffic
  • social value-at-a-glance – gives you an idea of how social traffic helps drive conversions

For more on Google’s Social Report, check out this article by Social Media Examiner.

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