Social Media and Its Impact on Search Rank

Social media has become such a predominant force in impacting a website’s search rank that it has been predicted that by 2013 it will overtake SEO in its ability to affect a website’s ranking in search engines.

One of the ways – if not the main way – that social media benefits search rank is through backlinks.

Backlinks have long been loved by Google as a way of detecting quality, popular content in an organic way, which helps Google to know it’s promoting the best content and helping that show up as the first results for a relevant search.

According to an article on, Google now considers Facebook posts, tweets, retweets, comments, bookmarks, shares, likes etc. to be the main factors in determining a site’s rank in its algorithm. And, narrowing the field even further, research conducted in April 2011 revealed that Facebook likes, comments and shares have the largest impact on search engine performance (over Twitter, Google Buzz and other social media forms). More recent research (performed in May 2012), however, suggested that Google+ is now beating Facebook.

All that this plethora of research proves is that social media is a vital part of any website’s attempts to improve its search rank, and that – if you can – it really helps to do it ALL. If not all, then as much as you can – have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, YouTube – all of them help.

Sharing links to your site’s content through these forums increases the chance of something going ‘viral’ – that buzz word that everyone in Internet marketing is craving nowadays. But even if it doesn’t go viral, the impact is still measurable.

In fact, a study of Twitter’s impact on search rank revealed that search engine rank improves significantly with just 50 tweets of a link, then increases only marginally until 5,000 tweets. URLs that are shared more than 7,500 times on Twitter almost always rank in the top 5 results of search engines.

So whether you are able to garner just 50-60 tweets or thousands, you will see a marked improvement in your search rank immediately.

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