Running An Effective Campaign For Guest Bloggers Post Penguin 2.0

Guest bloggingBecause of the nature of our business (media distribution), I like to keep updated through a number of reliable sources on what is new with the SEO community and updates that are coming to major search engines.

Through my travels, I came across an excellent article regarding the importance of successful, reliable guest blogging in the aftermath of Penguin and Panda.  The article is from a contributor at, Jayson DeMers.

Jayson’s article dives into the importance quality guest blogging.  Again, the stress is quality, which not only relates to how well the article may be written, BUT the relevance of the article as well because this is now something that Google is looking at closely.

After reading the article, it gave me an excellent understanding as to what guest posting is not.  Some of the misconceptions include:

Guest posting is not article marketing

Advertorials are not guest posting

Guest blogging is not immune to the principles of good links

The article continues to discuss and go into excellent information about article quality, questionable anchor text composition, linking, lack of social signals to name a few.

In conclusion, with the business of blogging becoming ever so complex and congested, by following these tips and techniques, you can get ahead and make a dent in such an information packed world.

By: Michael Iwasaki, original article by: Jayson DeMers at

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