Super Fast Link Building Launches New Link Building Services

After over 5 years of being private, super fast link building opens Up Their Private Blog Network!

SAN DIEGO, CA, February 16, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/Super Fast Link Building has been private for over 5 years now and has opened it’s doors to new members. Why? So they can grow beyond 5,000 websites to over 10,000 sites in their network. It takes a bit of cash to fund the growth of a solid, private blog network.

If you know anything about SEO, link building or Search Engine Optimization you know of the incredible value of being able to tap into a private blog network. That’s the beauty of Super Fast Link Building, they are NOT open to just anyone. They have limits on their network and will ONLY ever allow a certain number of members into the network.

There are 12 Primary Reasons to choose Super Fast Link Building over the rest of link building service like: linxboss, buildmyrank, linkvana, SEO Link Monster and the list goes on and on. All of these companies have their value for link building but none of these trumps Super Fast Link Building and here’s why:

Number 1 – Instant Credibility. You’ll be gaining links from healthy page rank sites up to PR 7 with a good range between 3 to 5 Page Rank.
Number 2 – Aged Domains. Up to 15 years in age giving you a significant boost in the search engines and Instant Domain Authority.
Number 3 – Increase Your Rankings. Their websites are hosted on Unique C-Class IPs. Your links get drip fed throughout their private network over the course of the month.
Number 4 – You get assorted destination Links and anchor text backlinks. You can provide unlimited Internal URLs, Home Page URLs and external URLs like squidoo, weebly, and any other web 2.0 or social media properties that link to your money site.
Super Fast Link Building is the single most powerful way to get your website to the top of Google or any search engine for that matter.
Number 5 – Their Network is Super Private. They have over 5,000 websites and their numbers are continuously growing. They limit the number of clients and websites to ensure the quality of their network and your backlinks.
Number 6 – Unique & High Quality Content. Their team of professional writers create unique content to go out to the private blogs over the course of a month. High quality, unique content is key to your SEO success.
Number 7 – High Crawl Rate. All of their domains get crawled by the search engines on a regular basis, ensuring that all of your links get indexed and indexed within 24 to 48 hours on average.
Number 8 – Videos Embed. They even allow you to embed youtube videos into your posts across the network. From an SEO perspective this adds dynamic rich media to your posts. Now, what makes each post unique is the fact that they dynamically and randomly change the size and placement of your videos!
Number 9 – Images Embed. They allow you to embed images from Flickr, Photobucket or any major video sharing sites and each post becomes unique because of the random placement of those images along with the random sizing of those images in the post. Dynamic Rich Media Rules!
Number 10 – Awesome Customer Service! Super Fast Link Building’s world-class service and support makes a massive difference to your results. When they say “Super Fast” they mean it. Their #1 priority is that YOU are happy and get results! That’s the bottom line.
Number 11 – Price Vs Value. Super Fast Link Building truly over delivering for their clients. Given the amount of value they provide, they have priced the packages to be extremely affordable. The price to belong to their private network of sites, can easily be the price you would pay for just 1 high PR site each month on another website. Therefore, it’s a NO-Brainer!
Number 12 – Monthly Link Reports. Depending on the package you choose you get monthly link reports to do with what you choose! You can send them to your clients or you can backlink boost them to add even more value to your back links. The choice is yours!
Bonus Number 13: Complete Automation. Once you give them your URLs and keywords, your link building is completely hands off. Their awesome team goes to work for you! You never have to worry about your link building getting done. They’ve got you covered from day 1.
So Finally, you can quickly, easily and automatically build quality one way backlinks on super private blogs with awesome page rank to boost your site to the top of Google!

To get full access to this incredible system act now and become one of their exclusive members! Take advantage of their privately owned, personal network of high page rank, aged, authority blogs that shoot their websites to the top of Google for whatever keywords they want, whenever they want!
Quickly, easily and automatically build quality one way backlinks on super private blogs with awesome page rank to boost your site to the top of Google! Visit to get started today and we’ll see you at the top!

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