What’s The Magic Bullet For Your Marketing?

The answer? There is no magic bullet. This reminded us of the classic scene in the cult movie The Matrix when Neo learns that to bend a spoon, he must acknowledge there is no spoon:

The Matrix

We were considering this question at 24-7 Press Release as many businesses are looking to find the ‘secret ingredient’ in their online marketing and press release distribution to instantly boost their marketing to stratospheric levels.

Unfortunately, the only ‘magic bullet’ to your marketing is consistent, planned, strategic hard work. Some of this hard work can include the following elements:Magic Marketing Bullet

A combination of marketing efforts which work in unison to make a marketing plan come together during the course of a commercial year in business.

Consistent utilization of press release distribution is recommended, because widespread online coverage from press release publication delivers instant gratification for your marketing efforts, and can spread rapidly through social media channels.

Acknowledge that there is no ‘magic bullet’ and doing only one activity in your online marketing then expecting significant results is an unrealistic goal.

As a minimum, we recommend that businesses should complete professional and consistent social media profiles, including a Facebook Business Page, Google+, Pinterest to display product images, LinkedIn, YouTube, as well as AdWords campaigns, press release marketing, and a well-written Blog.

Press release distribution can tie together product and service marketing in one consistent effort.

All marketing activities are constantly changing and evolving, so be ready to adapt, change and introduce new channels for your products and services.

If you have any queries or questions about our ranges of press release distribution services, please feel free to get in touch here.

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Seasons Greetings24-7 Press Release Newswire would like to wish all our customers, clients, fans and followers all the best over the holidays!

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