Comparison Of Marketing Trend Basics – What Is The Most Effective Method?

I came across an excellent article advising of the differences between many types of marketing currently on the minds of many in the marketing world.  This would include:

  • Online MarketingMarketing Chess Strategy
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Most may have heard of these terminologies, but do you really know what they are?


This may commonly be referred to as “Internet Marketing”, an incorporation of the previously mentioned methods of marketing.  The purpose is to increase visibility to your website, blog, product and or service while providing a connection with your audience.  Using a combination of ad-words and a press release service are an excellent, broad, yet targeted reach for immediate and quick recognition. Using a press release is an excellent way to kick start your social media marketing game as you can provide a link on your social media channels to your press release the day it goes out. From here, your press release may be shared through social media marketing.


When you think about it, the statement of being less expensive and more efficient for a customer to find you, rather than you looking for a customer makes sense.  Achieving this may be a bit of art, but when it works can be very rewarding.  The art includes attracting your customers with a hook. This may be through creation of valuable content that is specifically designed to appease your dream customers and typically results in qualified customers that will continue to return.


The process of increasing website traffic or attention through the use of Social Media outlets like Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or other.  From here, the efforts may take a life of its own through the social media universe and go viral.  It is important, not only for this step, however every step along the way to keep information and content relevant in order to grow and rise within your community and search engines in an organic fashion.


With all the news about content marketing, it is imperative to have information that is of value to your customers that will beg to be shared or have links created to.  Poor quality content is not tolerated and does not stag well for a good customer / business relationship.  Sticking to quality content will mean customers will continue to link to the content, share it and come back.

Marketing in 2014 is different from even 3 years ago.  Like the press release, which still has excellent value without links or by using no-follow links so have many other facets of marketing.  A successful marketing plan does not use one single channel however a combination of all the above used in concert to organically grow your audience.

6 Expanding Marketing Trends To Keep An Eye On

(June 18th, 2013) Although this post is dated June the 18th, the article that I had read (link is at the bottom), is originally from April 25th, 2013 from Rishad at the below link.

Marketing and your brand

Marketing and your brand

So, what are the six new trends that are mentioned in the article?  Most of them, if you have your finger on the marketing pulse already, make sense.  They are:

1. Continuing down the digital road
2. Facilitation of self marketing
3. Content creation and distribution (press releases come to mind)
4. Television becoming more powerful, but in a much different form
5. Less ownership, and more access (possibly paying for cloud access to programs, etc.)
6. Marketing, a huge growth category

This article I found to be both informative and interesting, especially the part about guiding towards pay per use.  This brings to mind the strategy already being employed by Adobe, by not actually owning your software, but paying an annual or monthly fee to access programs online.  From what I have heard, not a popular choice by many, but it does allow more flexibility for some people.

One other point of interest was the mention about a multi glass world with devices like Google Glass, tablets and portable networked devices along with the full seasons of shows being released at once.

Check this article out, it is quite interesting if you are into Marketing.

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