Comparison Of Marketing Trend Basics – What Is The Most Effective Method?

I came across an excellent article advising of the differences between many types of marketing currently on the minds of many in the marketing world.  This would include:

  • Online MarketingMarketing Chess Strategy
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Most may have heard of these terminologies, but do you really know what they are?


This may commonly be referred to as “Internet Marketing”, an incorporation of the previously mentioned methods of marketing.  The purpose is to increase visibility to your website, blog, product and or service while providing a connection with your audience.  Using a combination of ad-words and a press release service are an excellent, broad, yet targeted reach for immediate and quick recognition. Using a press release is an excellent way to kick start your social media marketing game as you can provide a link on your social media channels to your press release the day it goes out. From here, your press release may be shared through social media marketing.


When you think about it, the statement of being less expensive and more efficient for a customer to find you, rather than you looking for a customer makes sense.  Achieving this may be a bit of art, but when it works can be very rewarding.  The art includes attracting your customers with a hook. This may be through creation of valuable content that is specifically designed to appease your dream customers and typically results in qualified customers that will continue to return.


The process of increasing website traffic or attention through the use of Social Media outlets like Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or other.  From here, the efforts may take a life of its own through the social media universe and go viral.  It is important, not only for this step, however every step along the way to keep information and content relevant in order to grow and rise within your community and search engines in an organic fashion.


With all the news about content marketing, it is imperative to have information that is of value to your customers that will beg to be shared or have links created to.  Poor quality content is not tolerated and does not stag well for a good customer / business relationship.  Sticking to quality content will mean customers will continue to link to the content, share it and come back.

Marketing in 2014 is different from even 3 years ago.  Like the press release, which still has excellent value without links or by using no-follow links so have many other facets of marketing.  A successful marketing plan does not use one single channel however a combination of all the above used in concert to organically grow your audience.

More Changes Coming!

Updates at 24-7PressRelease

Updates at 24-7PressRelease

As previously mentioned, the ongoing upgrades, enhancements and changes to the media release and press distribution site continue.

The latest changes, as of right now look like they will take place this coming weekend.

Change enhancements include:

  1. Addition of address book
  2. User INBOX
  3. Addition of Block Quotes


The address book is an excellent enhancement with marketing companies in mind (or anyone that represents more than a couple/few clients).

With the addition of the address book, you can now store contact information of up to 100 contacts (if you require more, we can accommodate you).  Contact information that may be stored includes:

Full name of contact


Full address information

Website URL

Blog URL

Facebook URL

Google+ URL

LinkedIn URL

Twitter URL

YouTube Channel URL

Boiler plate / About the Company

This will save you having to add this information each time your submit your press release at

The Facebook & Twitter URL also offer you the option of displaying your streams from the two sites.


The INBOX is a new system notification tool similar to that used by social media sites like Facebook & LinkedIn, or any forums.  When a system message is disseminated, the next time you log into your account, you will be notified of the pending message.  The user will have an option within their Account Manager to turn email notification ON/OFF.  Email notification is available to advise you (via an email message to your email that you register with) of any new messages on the site.

Block quote sample at 24-7PressRelease

Block quote sample at 24-7PressRelease


Similar to those seen on other news sites, block quotes (as seen here with the green quotation), are a small quote from the company about their company, product or service offered in a larger font in a separate area that stand out.

For those that have missed the news on some of our other recent upgrades, (including addition of an image bank to store your images online, social media extensions (to increase interaction of your press release), addition of YouTube video links and more, please see our Site Updates page at:

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Media News likes to keep you up to date with the latest in business news.  Below are a few of our top stories for July 15, 2013.  Our full list of stories may be found HERE


Taxpayers are looking to for looking into researching of reputable firms as the California Better Business Bureau works on restructuring.

View the full news media press release HERE


It was announced on July 15th by the Sacramento Professional Soccer, LLC (Sac Pro Soccer), the signing of Predrag Radosavlijevic (also known as “Preki”), to be head coach for the team’s 2013 season.  Preki has more than 15 years of experience and is known for scoring a game winning goal in 1998 over world power house Brazil.

View the full news media press release HERE


With everyone always wanting to look their best for their special wedding day, Eyeglass World questions whether or not you should wear glasses at your wedding?

View their full news media press release HERE


Increase your online visibility and generate traffic, contact us to send out your news media press release

Are You Following These Do’s and Don’ts of a Media Press Release?

Media News ReleaseAt (, we try to keep you as informed and updated on industry standards, updates and changes to search technologies as much as possible.

That being said, sometimes, we do like to reiterate information that may have been previously mentioned, only as a reminder.  This is simply because people in industries come and go and not everyone receives all the information all of the time.

A news media release is a key way, and very cost effective way to receive excellent exposure, quickly if written well.  We have included a few simple do’s and don’ts for your media release.  Most of these are common sense.

What you should do:

–          Make sure the news you are distributing is relevant.

–          Try to time your news, and tie it into a current event without going off topic.

–          Include attribution from someone within your company.

–          Keep links to the, or “Click here” type

–          Ensure accurate contact information within your media release

–          Include your social media links for your press release (something that now allows you to do). This will display your Facebook feed and twitter feed right on your press release page.

–          Include images, video or other media to enhance your media release.

–          Proof read, proof read and again, proof read your story.

–          If possible, add NOFOLLOW to your links within your press release.


Avoid these mistakes:

–          Do not include HTML tags within a press release.  This is a news media release you are submitting, not a web page.

–          Do not exaggerate your stories. Tell it like it is.

–          Ensure the language within your press release is as common to the general public is possible.  Remember the rule of age, that you want your story to be read and understood by anyone from 15 – 75.

–          Do not include more than 2 or 3 “money links”.  These are links like “vacuum cleaner”, “cellphone case” etc. Any words that you would pay for on search engines for ads.

–          Do not ramble on with a 700 word media release.  Ensure it is short and to the point.  An interested journalist will contact you for further information.

–          Avoid free services, they are time consuming and do not provide the same results as reliable paid services.

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We’ve Made Changes To Our Site! – Update 1

247 Press Release has made the first of many changes to come.

So what is new?  Here are just a few highlights of the first round of changes:

1. Image bank – The image bank has been set up for users to be able to now store your press release images online.  This means that for marketing companies that regularly upload the same images, you will no longer have to do this as you can now save up to 100 images in your image bank.

2. NoFollow –  Following best practices of SEO, we have now added the option for users to add NOFOLLOW to all their links within their press release.  Some people have requested links or their entire press release to be removed, you can now self manage your links through no follow.  To find out more about this, log into your Account Manager, and click go to “”, then click on READ MORE under “Best Linking Practices”.

3. Social Media Extensions Within Press Release Pages – A huge presence of social media icons for sharing has been introduced to further extend your story socially.

4. Addition of Twitter & Facebook feeds to your stories.  If you have a Twitter and Facebook account, you can now add your feeds through ACCOUNT MANAGER and have the feeds appear right within your press release.

5. New Social Media Presence – Icons within header, footer and front page side bar for easy convenience to follow us for opportunities like coupon codes, specials, site updates and more.

6. New Image Carousel – Images within the press release story page are now in an attractive carousel format, with mouse over image display (simply move your mouse over the image for it to appear in a larger format, if available)

7. YouTube Video – Option to now add your YouTube video link within your press release as well.

There have been further updates, but these are the main highlights of this first of many more to come upgrades!

If you have not done so, please feel free to log into your account to add your social media information!

Let us know YOUR thoughts!






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