Metrics and Tracking Your Press Release Performance Part 1

MetricsThis subject is a popular one among customers at 24-7 Press Release Newswire, understandably. You have submitted your press release, it’s gone out over the wire and you have received a proof of distribution report to show some of the places your release was sent to. What next?

This is a three-part blog series and in this first part we will discuss how to analyze and use the metrics provided to you by the press release service you use. Part 2 will discuss how to track your release’s performance on the wire through the use of a clipping service, and Part 3 will talk about cheaper (even free!) and easy ways to track your release online.

In this first post we will explain how to decipher the statistics provided to you by the distribution service itself. Most distribution services will vary their terminology and statistics offered slightly, so for the purposes of simplicity, throughout this blog post, we will refer to the statistics 24-7 Press Release Newswire offers its clients.

The main statistics to take note of are the number of views your release got and the number of times it was emailed to a friend.

The “Email to a Friend” statistic encompasses the number of times someone used the email tool on the website to share your press release with someone, as well as how many times the distribution system emailed the release to a subscriber journalist who expressed interest in the genre or industry your press relates to.

The number of views your release got refers to the amount of times someone clicked on your headline to read your full release, so it is a good gauge of the level of interest our press release drew in from only the headline.

Those are the two primary statistics that really reflect the effectiveness of a press release on the average consumer. Join us in Part 2 to find out how to understand how the use of a clipping service can help you to track release performance on the wire.

Earn Guest Blogging Opportunities to Promote Your Brand Online

Another fantastic blog post from the fantastic folks over at Nick Stamoulis is the President of Brick Marketing, a Boston SEO company.  For more information please call 781-999-1222 or visit

In order to compete online, businesses today need to have a content marketing strategy.  Without content that is published and shared online, it is difficult for prospects to find you.  Every industry is competitive online, and the businesses that come out on top are the ones that are creating quality content on a regular basis.  Content improves brand visibility, builds inbound links, generates website traffic, and supports a social media strategy.  The best places to share content are websites that target audience members visit on a regular basis, such as other industry blogs.  Guest posting is a great online marketing strategy, but it takes work to earn a guest blogging opportunity on a quality blog.  Here are some guidelines to follow to achieve guest blogging opportunities:

Keep your own blog active

The first thing a blogger will look at in order to determine whether or not to publish a guest post from you is your own blog.  Is it active?  Are the posts worth reading?  Do you have a following?  If the answer to any of these questions is, “no”, you may have a hard time convincing them to allow you to post on their blog.  Your own blog should always be your top priority.  A quality blog that is updated often will establish credibility in the industry and among other bloggers.

Find the right blogs to submit to

There are plenty of blogs out there that will accept guest submissions from just about anyone that cover a wide range of topics.  It’s best to avoid those blogs and spend some time researching the ones that are more related to your niche and have a better chance of generating traffic to your site.  It takes time to write a guest blog post, so you want it published somewhere that will matter.  To find blogs, you can start by browsing blog directories or conducting a search.  Also, take a look at websites owned by social media followers and the people that comment on your blogs.

Establish a relationship

Once you have a decent list of blogs that are worth submitting to, it’s time to establish a relationship with the blog owners.  Follow them in social media and share and re-tweet their content and write thoughtful comments on their blog posts in order to get noticed.

Inquire about guest posting opportunities

Once you’ve communicated with a blogger and established a relationship with them, create your “pitch”.  You’ll never know until you ask.  You may need to sell your writing ability or provide a proposed blog post.  Make sure that it’s good!

Follow up

After you’ve submitted a guest blog post, you’ll need to check in to see if it’s been published.  Often, guest blog posts don’t go live immediately.  Find out what the timeframe is.  If a significant amount of time goes by, feel free to follow up and ask what the status is.  If you don’t hear back or they can’t publish the post for some reason, simply submit it somewhere else.  There are plenty of opportunities for good blog posts, they won’t ever go to waste!

About the Author:

Nick Stamoulis is the President of Brick Marketing, a Boston SEO company.  For more information please call 781-999-1222 or visit