Content is More Important Than You Think – Tips You Should be Aware of Before You Distribute Your Next Press Release.

Don't let your next press release be another star in the sea of stars in our galaxy.  Make it stand out.

Don’t let your next press release be another star in the sea of stars in our galaxy. Make it stand out.

The more news content that fills the web, the more creative you must become when writing your press release. Do you think your press release will be the only one to hit the wires in the morning? Sorry to disappoint you, however your next press release is one of hundreds of thousands that go out in a given day. Think of it as just being just another star in the galaxy. What is going to give you that extra glimmer?

It is no longer a world of ‘send it and they will read it’. In fact, that world has not existed in a long time. Too make things more complex, it is not enough to have your audience simply read what you have written. You probably want them to take action.

Using an enticing headline is a good start. This could be asking the user a question that gets into their head such as if you are targeting a parental audience, the question of ‘Are you a Responsible Parent?’ – It is in the nature of most people require positive affirmation, so, you grab their attention because of their curiosity to ensure that they are indeed a good, responsible parent. Take it another step further by adding a simple statement like ‘Find out by taking this quiz’. This again adds an element of curiosity and a challenge that people like.

From this headline, you could lead into a short story talking about some irresponsible parents. Why would someone want to read about ‘irresponsible parents’? The same reason people slow down for car accidents and watch the news.

Simple headlines for a press release like ‘ABC Widgets Announces new Director of Communications’ no longer cut it unless ‘ABC Widgets’ is a major international corporation that is publicly traded on a major stock exchange.

Other content you could incorporate into a press release is content that provides resources to your audience.   Perhaps tie this into numbered lists like. ‘Here are 7 of our top resources for becoming the best parent in the world’.

Keep your content meaningful and interesting to your audience and don’t forget to add your call to action. The online world is changing and you need to be that slightly taller blade of grass to stand out in the field of news that inundates journalists on a daily basis.

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Launched in 2004, 24-7 Press Release Newswire changed the landscape of the press release distribution industry by offering affordable, effective press release distribution to businesses of all sizes looking to increase their presence and awareness.


Marketing Your Business In 2014 – Content PR: A New Approach – 4 New Tools You Need to Know About

There is no doubt that over the last 18 months the online marketing arena has changed. That being said, some standby tools have remained while evolving into more social tools, like the press release.

The press release is now considered a main building block of the new content PR world. Social media is great if you have something to share and talk about. But where does that information start? Everything ties into the press release, be it social interaction and sharing of the press release itself (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc.), or video or images within the press release.

This, by far, is not the magic bullet that we discussed in an earlier post, however it is an integral building block of the big picture that ties in with all the other content PR components that include:

  • Research reports
  • Surveys
  • Podcasts
  • White papers
  • Bylined articles
  • Blog posts

Take a look at the infographic below from Calysto, which explains how everything ties together.

Content PR

Metrics and Tracking Your Press Release Performance Online Part 3

Tracking Your Press ReleaseIn Part 1 of this blog series we discussed how to analyze the statistics provided to you by your press release distribution service after your release was disseminated over the newswire, and in Part 2 we talked about using a clipping or media monitoring service to see what mentions your company is getting in both online and print media.

The problem with a clipping service is the price – it can be very costly, due to the time involved to scour through the various news outlets and find news relating to your own company.

So with this post we want to present to you an alternative way of tracking your release performance online that is free, quick and simple, though obviously not as thorough or extensive as a clipping service.

Simply Google your headline in quotation marks to isolate the results to only your release. This will give you an idea of how many online outlets picked up your release. It will not include mentions of your company or release subject in print media outlets, but as a general rule, if print journalists wanted to write about your company based on something they read in one of your press releases, they would contact the person listed on the release as media contact. The only other instance is if a journalist decided to reduce what your release said into a ‘filler’ item, where they need a couple of inches filled within the newspaper and can get all the information they need for that from the release. In that instance you would not be contacted, but coverage would have gone out about your company. That would be difficult to find out about, however, without the use of a media monitoring service.

Combined with Parts 1 and 2, these three blog posts have outlined your options for tracking your metrics after using press release distribution. However, in closing it is important to emphasize that obsessively tracking your release’s performance after each press release is really not that necessary. The key is to use press release distribution regularly and consistently and over time you should see an increase in traffic to your website and interest in your company. It just may take a while to pay off. That kind of result cannot be shown in the metrics of just one release, no matter how extensively you track them.

Metrics and Tracking Your Press Release Performance Part 1

MetricsThis subject is a popular one among customers at 24-7 Press Release Newswire, understandably. You have submitted your press release, it’s gone out over the wire and you have received a proof of distribution report to show some of the places your release was sent to. What next?

This is a three-part blog series and in this first part we will discuss how to analyze and use the metrics provided to you by the press release service you use. Part 2 will discuss how to track your release’s performance on the wire through the use of a clipping service, and Part 3 will talk about cheaper (even free!) and easy ways to track your release online.

In this first post we will explain how to decipher the statistics provided to you by the distribution service itself. Most distribution services will vary their terminology and statistics offered slightly, so for the purposes of simplicity, throughout this blog post, we will refer to the statistics 24-7 Press Release Newswire offers its clients.

The main statistics to take note of are the number of views your release got and the number of times it was emailed to a friend.

The “Email to a Friend” statistic encompasses the number of times someone used the email tool on the website to share your press release with someone, as well as how many times the distribution system emailed the release to a subscriber journalist who expressed interest in the genre or industry your press relates to.

The number of views your release got refers to the amount of times someone clicked on your headline to read your full release, so it is a good gauge of the level of interest our press release drew in from only the headline.

Those are the two primary statistics that really reflect the effectiveness of a press release on the average consumer. Join us in Part 2 to find out how to understand how the use of a clipping service can help you to track release performance on the wire.

Marketing 101 – Usage of a Press Release; Are You Doing What is Right? Putting to Rest Some Misconceptions.

Marketing and Use Of a Press ReleaseOCTOBER 13, 2013 – With the recent search engine updates (the words Penguin and Panda come to mind) that have taken place over the year, there appears to be some misconception around the usage of a press release as a part of one’s marketing strategy.

Press release service, still to this day, receives the odd requests to have ones press release removed from the system, in fear of being penalized by Google.  The requestor is not aware that any links in the press release are NO FOLLOW and therefore are fine to leave the release.

Google and No Follow

Google and No Follow

What people do not seem to understand is that a Press Release is still one of the most effective and cost efficient marketing tools available if they are prepared and executed in a correct fashion. A quote from John Mueller (Google) states “there is still great value to using press releases. The goal of the press release is to get the word out to the press about your new service or product. When the press hears about what you have to offer and if/when they decide to write about it on their own sites, those links do not need to be no followed. In fact, those stories written editorially are the links that Google values the most.”

We occasionally receive inquiries from individuals saying they submitted a press release, however their phones were not ringing off the hook, and they did not have to add an extra server to accommodate the extra zillions of website visitors they were anticipating after their press release went out.

NewsA press release is a gradual and timed marketing tool.  This means that it may take many releases to be either picked up by an editor, journalist or blogger.  Just because you didn’t hear anything, does not mean someone did not take note, pass it on to someone else or it went unheard. Sometimes, it may take several regular releases before one sees an increase in inquiries, web site traffic or a phone call.  This being said, when a press release goes out, the information needs to be of value and interest for a journalist or blogger to want to follow up.  In this day and age, journalists are bombarded and overwhelmed. Your press release should be kept short. To the point and grab the interest of the reader with a killer headline, or it will go unnoticed and unheard.  It is a tool, which can take some time to attain traction, not a “magic bullet”.

In summary, usage of a press release in a marketing campaign will not go away. They need to be timely, and used appropriately and are not viewed in a negative light as some people may have believed after recent search engine updates.

Founded in early 2004, 24-7 Press Release Newswire is a privately held news distribution company that provides marketing and communications solutions and multimedia gateways for marketers, public relations professionals, bloggers and corporate communication specialists around the globe.

Engaging audiences, the news is disseminated through a multi-channel process to major news outlets, journalists, online social media and bloggers through its network of partners including Associated Press and PR Newswire.

As its 10th anniversary approaches, the company celebrates its position as one of the leading press release distribution services offering high-quality distribution at a moderate price point, making it accessible to all sizes of business.

10 Reasons Why You Should Still Send A Press Release – Share This…

PR For Your BusinessWith all the “gossip” flying around the Internet about Google and the changes that have been going on over the last nearly 24 months, one of the biggest questions to stem from this from marketers is “is a press release still a good idea for marketing?”.

The simple answer is yes.  Not only because of the information below, however Google themselves have also recommended that a press release is still valuable.  This comes from a quote from John Mueller (one of Google’s lead Webmaster Trends Analysts), stating that, even though all links within a press release should be no-follow, “there is still great value to using press releases” (see the 5th paragraph at:

The below information, courtesy of PR Newswire, may be found in FULL at:

Other reasons, not to be forgotten include:

1. Pickup – Your news release still go to journalists, editors and bloggers.

2. Authority – For your company or organization, you are the source.

3. Discovery – With the acuity of search engines and tribal nature of many social platforms that have made it easier than ever for granular searches to be preformed.

4. Placement – Syndication of news releases by commercial news services has given companies and organizations the opportunity to be publishers.

5. Targeting – Although perceived as blasted, news releases are actually targeted.

6. Multimedia – News releases with multimedia are viewed more than those without.

7. Social – Performing a quick search on Twitter will illustrate the popularity of a press release.

8. Mobile – Mobile readership of news releases is increasing.

9. Expertise – The news release can help you establish yourself and organization as an expert source or authority.

10. Archive – News releases are saved and stored.

The above are just a few brief points.  View the full press release article by clicking HERE

About 24-7PressRelease

A provider of professional, affordable press release distribution service since 2004, 24-7PressRelease continues to be a leader in the press release distribution industry.  Through an exclusive partnership with PR Newswire, 24-7PressRelease delivers one of the most powerful news dissemination services today.  24-7PressRelease offers a variety of press release service packages, making it affordable and attractive for businesses of all sizes.

More Changes Coming!

Updates at 24-7PressRelease

Updates at 24-7PressRelease

As previously mentioned, the ongoing upgrades, enhancements and changes to the media release and press distribution site continue.

The latest changes, as of right now look like they will take place this coming weekend.

Change enhancements include:

  1. Addition of address book
  2. User INBOX
  3. Addition of Block Quotes


The address book is an excellent enhancement with marketing companies in mind (or anyone that represents more than a couple/few clients).

With the addition of the address book, you can now store contact information of up to 100 contacts (if you require more, we can accommodate you).  Contact information that may be stored includes:

Full name of contact


Full address information

Website URL

Blog URL

Facebook URL

Google+ URL

LinkedIn URL

Twitter URL

YouTube Channel URL

Boiler plate / About the Company

This will save you having to add this information each time your submit your press release at

The Facebook & Twitter URL also offer you the option of displaying your streams from the two sites.


The INBOX is a new system notification tool similar to that used by social media sites like Facebook & LinkedIn, or any forums.  When a system message is disseminated, the next time you log into your account, you will be notified of the pending message.  The user will have an option within their Account Manager to turn email notification ON/OFF.  Email notification is available to advise you (via an email message to your email that you register with) of any new messages on the site.

Block quote sample at 24-7PressRelease

Block quote sample at 24-7PressRelease


Similar to those seen on other news sites, block quotes (as seen here with the green quotation), are a small quote from the company about their company, product or service offered in a larger font in a separate area that stand out.

For those that have missed the news on some of our other recent upgrades, (including addition of an image bank to store your images online, social media extensions (to increase interaction of your press release), addition of YouTube video links and more, please see our Site Updates page at:

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Media News likes to keep you up to date with the latest in business news.  Below are a few of our top stories for July 15, 2013.  Our full list of stories may be found HERE


Taxpayers are looking to for looking into researching of reputable firms as the California Better Business Bureau works on restructuring.

View the full news media press release HERE


It was announced on July 15th by the Sacramento Professional Soccer, LLC (Sac Pro Soccer), the signing of Predrag Radosavlijevic (also known as “Preki”), to be head coach for the team’s 2013 season.  Preki has more than 15 years of experience and is known for scoring a game winning goal in 1998 over world power house Brazil.

View the full news media press release HERE


With everyone always wanting to look their best for their special wedding day, Eyeglass World questions whether or not you should wear glasses at your wedding?

View their full news media press release HERE


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Are You Following These Do’s and Don’ts of a Media Press Release?

Media News ReleaseAt (, we try to keep you as informed and updated on industry standards, updates and changes to search technologies as much as possible.

That being said, sometimes, we do like to reiterate information that may have been previously mentioned, only as a reminder.  This is simply because people in industries come and go and not everyone receives all the information all of the time.

A news media release is a key way, and very cost effective way to receive excellent exposure, quickly if written well.  We have included a few simple do’s and don’ts for your media release.  Most of these are common sense.

What you should do:

–          Make sure the news you are distributing is relevant.

–          Try to time your news, and tie it into a current event without going off topic.

–          Include attribution from someone within your company.

–          Keep links to the, or “Click here” type

–          Ensure accurate contact information within your media release

–          Include your social media links for your press release (something that now allows you to do). This will display your Facebook feed and twitter feed right on your press release page.

–          Include images, video or other media to enhance your media release.

–          Proof read, proof read and again, proof read your story.

–          If possible, add NOFOLLOW to your links within your press release.


Avoid these mistakes:

–          Do not include HTML tags within a press release.  This is a news media release you are submitting, not a web page.

–          Do not exaggerate your stories. Tell it like it is.

–          Ensure the language within your press release is as common to the general public is possible.  Remember the rule of age, that you want your story to be read and understood by anyone from 15 – 75.

–          Do not include more than 2 or 3 “money links”.  These are links like “vacuum cleaner”, “cellphone case” etc. Any words that you would pay for on search engines for ads.

–          Do not ramble on with a 700 word media release.  Ensure it is short and to the point.  An interested journalist will contact you for further information.

–          Avoid free services, they are time consuming and do not provide the same results as reliable paid services.

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