SEO is Affected By What’s Going On in Your Business

What’s important to understand about SEO is that in order for a campaign to be successful, all business decisions need to be considered.  If SEO operates by itself in a silo, it won’t be working at its full potential.  Within an organization, all team members should be on board with an SEO strategy and willing to share what’s going on in their department with the SEO provider.  For larger organizations, that might be an in house SEO Specialist.  For small to medium sized businesses, that may be an outsourced SEO company.  If so, the SEO company needs to be viewed as a part of the team.  Keeping the SEO company out of the loop can result in missed opportunities or an SEO campaign that isn’t quite hitting the mark.  Internal business decisions affect important components of an SEO campaign like the keywords that are targeted, the content that is shared, and how social media will be executed.

The following are just a sampling of important business decisions that affect an SEO campaign:

  • Changes to the website

It may seem obvious to keep your SEO partner in the loop about website changes but for some reason many website owners forget to mention it, or casually mention it as part of a conversation when it may be too late.  Making drastic website changes can have a huge impact on SEO results if certain items aren’t implemented properly.  The worst thing that could possibly happen is changing your website and ruining all of the hard SEO work that you’ve been putting into the site for years.  Website changes are necessary every few years to keep things fresh, but website owners need to be smart about it.  Pull the SEO team into the process right from the get go so that they can work with the website designer/developer that may not have any SEO knowledge or understand how certain changes can affect SEO.  Once site changes have been made, an SEO provider can monitor tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and SEO Moz to ensure that things remain consistent.

  • Other marketing decisions

SEO is a powerful way to market your business, but very few businesses can survive by only investing in SEO.  The search engine algorithms are always changing and any site can become vulnerable over time.  That’s why it’s important to continue to market a business in other ways.  An SEO campaign can leverage these other efforts.  The PR team should run press releases by the SEO team for optimization recommendations and improvements.  The advertising team should provide the SEO team with a list of places that run ads so that the SEO team can look for link opportunities.  The events team should provide a trade show list so that content can be shared in social media about those trade shows.  Almost any marketing effort can be turned into an SEO benefit in some way if you take the time to look for opportunities.

  • Changes to services/products/offerings

In order to survive, businesses need to evolve over time.  It’s unlikely that exactly the same products or services are offered that were offered 5 years ago, or even just a year ago.  An SEO campaign needs to reflect what is going on in the business currently.  Not keeping your SEO Specialist in the loop can result in the wrong keywords being used and new pages of the website going un-optimized.  If a new product or service is added, new keyword research should be conducted.  If pages are going to be eliminated from the site, an SEO provider can make best practice recommendations for doing so.  As a business evolves, the SEO campaign needs to evolve along with it.

About the Author:

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Importance of YouTube in Relation to Internet Marketing

While we have discussed, in previous posts, the importance of Twitter and Facebook as factors to study when looking at the effectiveness of your social media campaign, the biggest one to look at – according to the number of factors attributed by the author of this article at Search Engine Watch – is YouTube.

The article discusses the 13 points you should look at when deciding how effective your social media campaign has been on your search rank. It devotes the first four points to Twitter, the next two to Facebook, then the next five to YouTube. Indeed, there are a lot of aspects to YouTube that the average Internet user doesn’t realize…many untapped opportunities for quality Internet marketing lie in this video sharing site.

The points, as listed by the article’s author, are:

  1. Number of Views
  2. User Comments
  3. References from Independent Profiles
  4. Title of Video
  5. Percentage of Likes vs Dislikes

So let’s break these down, one by one.

1. Number of Views

The more times a video is viewed, the more value is attributed to your site. How do you get your site into the factor? Always include a link to your site in the video description. This one sounds obvious – videos go viral because of how many views they get – but that’s because it is obvious, and it works!

2. User Comments

Many fall short with this one on YouTube. Although it is an extremely widely used form of social media, most people use it to post their video and disappear. Engaging others is a big part of what will make your YouTube channel that much more effective. Watch other videos, comment and then your profile will get extra views because of it. In this way, it’s similar to blogging. The more blogs you comment on, the more someone sees a link to your blog and clicks on it, thus the higher in the search ranks it rises. It is the same idea with YouTube.

3. References from Independent Profiles

This is harder to achieve but it’s what really helps a YouTube account to boom. This is when another YouTube user links to you or – even better – creates a video response to your video, or a parody. As Search Engine Watch says, “The prime example remains the Cadbury’s Gorilla, but there are lots of interesting mini-campaigns trying to leverage the above.” If you have some time and energy to put into booming on social media – this is where you could try directing that to really see your YouTube profile explode.

4. Title of Video

In the same way that you title your webpages appropriately (ie with search engine keywords in mind), do the same for the titles of your videos. This is, after all, the information that is used to populate YouTube’s search engine to help people find your video, and the info that gets plugged into the URL. So use those words wisely – while still, of course, keeping your title appropriate and relevant to the video’s content – not the landing zone for keyword dumping.

5. Percentage of Likes vs Dislikes

This is self-explanatory also, but this will play into a factor we will discuss in the final post in this breakdown, which is negative vs positive brand mentions. Unlike Facebook, YouTube has a dislike button as well as a like button. Therefore, people don’t just click away if they are disappointed in a video – nor do they have to be so disappointed that they want to take the time to sit down and write a comment about it. They can simply click a dislike button. You want to focus on likes here, so try to avoid posting polarizing content – unless, of course, your hope is that the controversy of the video is what will drive your campaign.

Next time we will wrap this series up with a look at aspects of social media that affect search rank from all forms of media, in a good summary of the impact of this form of online marketing.

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