Public Relations, a Press Release and Advertising are Different

Over time,Journalists Source Stories public relations, marketing and communications professionals used to be able to send the right message to the proper audience at the appropriate moment. There were direct connections between journalists & media contacts with PR individuals. Over time and especially with the maturity of the Internet and of course, now, social media you end up with many companies taking it upon themselves to do their own PR. This is in hopes of saving a few dollars.

What is wrong with this approach? If you have a PR background and are familiar with the process, steps and the proper way to communicate your message then you are more than likely going to be fine. If you look at a couple of videos and read a couple articles and now think you are a PR expert, you may want to re-think your strategy.

Press release distribution used to be about getting a properly crafted message to the proper individuals in a way that they are used to receiving it. This includes the format of the press release. In today’s online marketplace, many make the mistake of treating a press release as an opportunity to sell their product or service, as an advertisement. This is not the correct way to go about distributing your press release.

In an article we came across over at Carter West PR, Sara delves further into the best way to maximize your exposure with your audience. At 24-7 Press Release Newswire, we were pleased to see that the use of press release distribution (amongst other methods) was at the top of her list. This also includes using a press release properly to maximize your exposure.

Sara also discusses some excellent information regarding content marketing and social media. We recommend you check out her post here.

For further marketing articles, includi9ng ‘Becoming an Editor’s Best Friend: Writing Something Newsworthy’, ‘Integrating Public Relations to Help Your Company Grow’, and ‘Press Releases: Building Blocks for Creating a Brand’, check out our PR knowledge base here.

The Latest PR & Marketing Info For December 18, 2013 – Including Social Trends & Tips Now Posted…

Marketing ToolsHere are a few treats from Today’s Google Plus page at: 

Social Trends and Tips, some information from the WOMMA Summit (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) in Nashville, TN., a briefing:

The information from this article discusses how the marketer no longer owns the brand, it is the consumer that does.  “Brands are now competing against EVERYTHING”.  A quote from Jay Baer at the summit.

It is about finding the right users to tell your story and giving them the right content and tools to tell it.

Read the rest at:


Have you been eyeballing the new Mac Pro from Apple? 

They start at $3,000 and they will begin shipping tomorrow.

This is a completely newly designed model that had been originally unveiled earlier this year and starts to ship tomorrow.

The basic Mac Pro will ship with a 3.7 GHz Quad-core Intel Xeon processor


Social Media Marketing – Are you following these 5 examples?

An excellent example from some top companies using Social Media Marketing, effectively, like Oreo, the little cookie that could, Eat 24 and more.

Come check out the examples that some of these companies are using that could help you muster up some original ideas yourself!


Are you looking after your own Public Relations?

Some tips to help you with your own Public Relations, whether it be press releases, advertising or general publicity.

Finding your inner expert, checking out what is online, PR Tools at your disposal.  All of these and more to help you kick-start your own public relations.


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Marketing Myths You Need to Know About, Twitter Reversing Blocking Changes and Tracking Your Press Release…

Marketing and your brand

Marketing and your brand

Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media are at an all time peak as far as how quickly the industries are changing.  With new strategies and the way information changes, you need to keep on top of these changes, or be left at the back of the pack still trying to figure out how to configure your MySpace page while asking your secretary to fax your latest press release out to all the media outlets.

As a leader in the press release distribution industry, and knowing that a press release is a major part of your marketing and public relations component, we like to try to keep you updated with the latest of what is going on in the industry.  Our journalists scour the web to find the most recent information and post it to our Google+ page for you to find and sift through easily.

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What other information is there?

– Instagram DIRECT MESSAGING, what is in it for brands?

– Is their another currency player in the market?

– Some excellent marketing tips from PROMPTPROOFING…

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Viral Marketing, Direct Messaging & Instagram and New Social Media Branding Tips!

Marketing, PR & Social Media TipsThese are just a FEW of the pieces of information that we have made available through our Google+ Page at:

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What else is new?

– Find out about how Direct Messaging is now available through Instagram

– 3 tips you need to know before a product launch!

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– Kobe & Messi: How Viral Marketing Sausage is made

We like to keep you up to date on what is going on in the world of Social Media, Public Relations & Marketing.  Although some information we do post directly to our Blog, we also like to scourer the web looking and consolidating great pieces of information to share with you!


4 Great Tips For Media Coverage… Have a Read….

PR For Your BusinessMarketing and Press Releases.  They go hand in hand and they will never go away.  The way a press release works may transform, like we have seen over the years, but they basics and fundamentals will never disappear.  The value of a press release, even by Google is clearly stated in an article at SearchEngineLand ( – Just make sure you only use NO FOLLOW links through press distribution services that support this (Yes, we support NO FOLLOW at 24-7 Press Release Newswire).

The article we are going to refer you to, we came across over at Mashable, titled “4 Tips for Getting Press Coverage”.  This article resonated well with us as they clearly have some excellent points which include:


– Looking into whether or not a publication offers an editorial calendar

– Content Creation (your OWN content)

– Making sure you do good deeds


– How to get other press

Again, an excellent article for those that truly want the best results from their press release.


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Marketing and your brand

Marketing and your brand

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Quote: “Using a press release service is one of the most cost effective ways to increase your online visibility and expand the reach of your brand”.

Marketing 101 – Usage of a Press Release; Are You Doing What is Right? Putting to Rest Some Misconceptions.

Marketing and Use Of a Press ReleaseOCTOBER 13, 2013 – With the recent search engine updates (the words Penguin and Panda come to mind) that have taken place over the year, there appears to be some misconception around the usage of a press release as a part of one’s marketing strategy.

Press release service, still to this day, receives the odd requests to have ones press release removed from the system, in fear of being penalized by Google.  The requestor is not aware that any links in the press release are NO FOLLOW and therefore are fine to leave the release.

Google and No Follow

Google and No Follow

What people do not seem to understand is that a Press Release is still one of the most effective and cost efficient marketing tools available if they are prepared and executed in a correct fashion. A quote from John Mueller (Google) states “there is still great value to using press releases. The goal of the press release is to get the word out to the press about your new service or product. When the press hears about what you have to offer and if/when they decide to write about it on their own sites, those links do not need to be no followed. In fact, those stories written editorially are the links that Google values the most.”

We occasionally receive inquiries from individuals saying they submitted a press release, however their phones were not ringing off the hook, and they did not have to add an extra server to accommodate the extra zillions of website visitors they were anticipating after their press release went out.

NewsA press release is a gradual and timed marketing tool.  This means that it may take many releases to be either picked up by an editor, journalist or blogger.  Just because you didn’t hear anything, does not mean someone did not take note, pass it on to someone else or it went unheard. Sometimes, it may take several regular releases before one sees an increase in inquiries, web site traffic or a phone call.  This being said, when a press release goes out, the information needs to be of value and interest for a journalist or blogger to want to follow up.  In this day and age, journalists are bombarded and overwhelmed. Your press release should be kept short. To the point and grab the interest of the reader with a killer headline, or it will go unnoticed and unheard.  It is a tool, which can take some time to attain traction, not a “magic bullet”.

In summary, usage of a press release in a marketing campaign will not go away. They need to be timely, and used appropriately and are not viewed in a negative light as some people may have believed after recent search engine updates.

Founded in early 2004, 24-7 Press Release Newswire is a privately held news distribution company that provides marketing and communications solutions and multimedia gateways for marketers, public relations professionals, bloggers and corporate communication specialists around the globe.

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As its 10th anniversary approaches, the company celebrates its position as one of the leading press release distribution services offering high-quality distribution at a moderate price point, making it accessible to all sizes of business.

Social Media News Interaction & Distribution – Really Get Attention

Social Media News Marketing

Social Media News Marketing

It has not been long since implemented our updated Social Media interaction bars and already, we have seen some excellent successes.

We have noticed a definite increase in the interaction of press releases from users and have also had excellent feedback on the functionality of including your Facebook & Twitter feeds within your news media release page for extended viewership.  Thank you for all the positive comments!

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The new face of social media news interaction and distribution

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